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Fun Phonics, literacy and numeracy classes for pre-school children

“Helping your child to be better equipped to start school”

During a Little Bright Sparks class we help to develop your toddler’s: 

  • Phonic knowledge (helping parents understand the phonic system taught in schools too!)
  • Concentration and attention, making learning easier
  • Independence and creativity
  • Communication skills, helping your little one express himself
  • Pre-literacy and numeracy skills, helping pave the way for reading and mathematics
  • Pencil holding skills and correct directional letter and number formation skills using sensory methods (New for April term)
  • Skills in sharing and taking turns, helping our little ones get along better!
  • Self-esteem and confidence, vital for making new friends

During a Little Bright Sparks class your child will take part in fun educational games, stories and songs, that help build phonic knowledge, numeracy and communication and social skills such as listening, taking turns and making eye contact, vital for when he starts school.

Each friendly and supportive class incorporates lots of fun games, songs, & arts & crafts, along with the star of the show “buttons dog” the puppet. All of these things encourage your child to explore different sounds, words, colours, numbers and shapes. These skills are the very first building blocks of literacy and numeracy and help to develop your child in line with some of the governments early years foundation objectives.

While lots of classes focus on sport, dance or music, Little Bright Sparks is the only class that is dedicated to helping your child develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Classes near you

Date: Wednesday
Location: East Malling
Class: Little Bright Sparks

Date: Thursday
Location: West Kingsdown
Class: Little Bright  Sparks