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Baby sign classes for hearing babies from 0–2 year olds.
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  • Singalong baby sign helps your baby communicate with you before he can speak
  • Baby sign can increase your baby’s IQ by 12 points
  • Baby sign reduces your baby’s tantrums, frustration and aggressive behaviour
  • Your baby is more likely to speak earlier and have a larger vocabulary
  • Babies that sign have a closer bond with their parents and do better at school
  • Can help with post natal depression
  • Provides a base for a second language and bridges the gap between other languages spoken in the family.
  • Can also help to develop communication with premature babies, babies with Downs Syndrome and children with learning difficulties.
  • Singalong baby sign is a great way to meet new friends and is really good fun!
  • Classes are around £5 per session depending upon location and there are 2 stages which are each 11 weeks long.

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Phonics, literacy and numeracy classes for children aged from 2–5 years old.
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"Helping your child to be better equipped to start school"

During a Little Bright Sparks class we help to develop your toddler’s:

  • Phonic knowledge (helping parents understand the phonic system taught in schools too!)
  • Concentration and attention, making learning easier
  • Independence and creativity
  • Communication skills, helping your little one express himself
  • Pre-literacy and numeracy skills, helping pave the way for reading and mathematics
  • Pencil holding skills and correct directional letter and number formation skills using sensory methods
  • Skills in sharing and taking turns, helping our little ones get along better!
  • Self-esteem and confidence, vital for making new friends
  • All of this will make the transition into the classroom a little easier for your little one.

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